Serbian currency – dinar (RSD)


Taxi drivers may accept euros while all other salesmen will ask you to pay in dinars. Already at the airport,

bus or railway central station, you can exchange your money. Exchange offices have better exchange rates than banks. For 1 EUR you will get around 117,5 RSD.




Serbia country calling code is +381.

The area code for Belgrade is 11.


From the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the city center (about 20 km) and back

From the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the city center (Square Slavija / Trg Slavija) you can go by minibus (line A1). The ticket costs 300 dinars (around 2,5 €) and should be bought on the bus. Approximate travel time is 30 minutes. In the same way, you can go back from Square Slavia to the airport.


To the city center (to the Zeleni venac which is, compared to the Square Slavia, closer to the city center’s pedestrian zone) you can also go by public city bus number 72 which departs every 35 minutes. The approximate travel time is 30-40 minutes. In the same way, in the opposite direction, you can go back to the airport. Further information about the usage of public transportation is listed below.


If you would like to take a taxi, please contact the city service TAXI INFO, located in the baggage claim area at Nikola Tesla Airport, and please do not forget to take the taxi receipt at the airport Info Desk specifying the desired destination and the price for taxi service. That way you will make sure the taxi service is in line with the most favourable rate. Charge per piece of baggage in the boot sometimes is free, sometimes is 100 dinars (0,8 €).


The city center is in the taxi zone 2 (the approximate price of the drive is 1.800 dinars which are around 15 €). When getting from the city back to the airport, make sure that the drive costs the same (around 1.800 dinars or 15 € if you are departing from the city center). You can agree with a driver on a price before you enter a vehicle, or call some taxi association and ask for a fixed price of a ride to the airport.


On the website of the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, you can find more other useful information.


Usage of public transportation


When buying a ticket for a ride by public bus, tramway or trolleybus in the kiosk, first you need to buy a non-personalized BusPlus plastic card (which costs 250 dinars which is almost exactly 2 €), and then one or more tickets which cost 89 dinars (0,7 €) each. When you validate the BusPlus card on the bus, you can ride for the next 90 minutes, and in that period change different lines and types of transportation if necessary. When you are buying a ticket from a driver of a public vehicle, the price is 150 dinars (or 1,25 €), and you don’t need a non-personalized BusPlus plastic card.


During nighttime (from midnight to 4 AM) buses run at 1-hour intervals from special stops in the Kolarčeva street towards other parts of the city. The ticket costs 150 dinars and can only be bought on a bus.


In Belgrade public transport the official controllers board the bus quite often and ask you to present your validated card. If you do not have a valid card the fine is 2000 dinars (16,5 €).

If you are planning to use public transportation more frequently, in every kiosk you can buy the BusPlus daily tickets valid for 1, 3 or 5 days (except for nighttime traffic, from midnight to 4 AM). A ticket that lasts for one day costs 250 dinars (2 €); a ticket that lasts for two days costs 700 dinars (6 €); the one that lasts for five days costs 1000 dinars (8,3 €). In all three cases, you will need to buy a paper card which costs 40 dinars (0,3 €). These daily cards have to be validated whenever you change a vehicle.


Although the website of Secretariat for public transportation of the municipality of Belgrade is only in Serbian, foreigners can also use it quite easily. In the drop-down menu “IZABERI LINIJU” you can choose some of the lines (i.e. 71 or 67) and a direction, and you will get an interactive map of a ride with names of all stops. 


Other useful information about the Belgrade public transport can be found here.


Taxi services


Here you will find the list of taxi associations in Belgrade.


There are three prices per kilometer, depending on the time of a drive (during the day), day, and destination. Tariff 1 is applied during the working days from 6 AM to 10 PM, and the price of a ride per kilometer is 65 dinars (0,5 €). Tariff 2 is applied during the working days from 10 PM to 6 AM, on Sundays as well as the state holidays, and the price of a ride per kilometer is 85 dinars (0,7 €). Tariff 3 is applied on a ride to destinations that are out of the city zone, the price of a ride per kilometer is 130 dinars (1,1 €), and a driver can charge extra for transportation of a client’s luggage. In all cases, a start-up fee is 170 dinars (1,4 €). 


This doesn’t apply only in cases of taxi rides from the airport when a service is charged upon a receipt about the price of a taxi ride which is given to a passenger at the airport information desk TAKSI INFO after he/she specifies the desired destination. In that case, a driver doesn’t have to turn on a taximeter.


The price includes the transport of passenger’s luggage, but for big luggage, a driver can charge an extra 100 dinars (0,8 €).


Tips are not required but are appreciated, and 100 dinars (0,8 €) is quite enough.

If you ask for a stop and a driver to wait for you, that will cost extra. The waiting fee for 1-hour costs 750 dinars (6,25 €).


Upon arrival at the desired destination, a taxi driver has to stop a taximeter, charge the exact amount of money as a taximeter is showing, and give filled out bills for his service.


If you think that a taxi service is not provided properly, you can complain to the Belgrade City Transportation Corps by calling +381 11 330 97 60, or to the Communal police by calling 0800 110 011. In that case, you should provide details about the name of a taxi association, number of a vehicle, the name of a driver, relation, etc. 

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